FRIDAY FINDS: 1916 Photo Book of Southern California

FRIDAY FINDS: NANKASHU NIHONJIN (History of the Japanese in Southern California–in pictures), 1916. This is an amazing resource of farms throughout Southern California. Images from this book have been featured in my book on the Southern California Flower Market and I’ve recently referred to it for early photos of Glendale.

The page posted below features two farms in Glendale, West First Street. Some of the earliest Japanese farms were in Glendale, Tropico and Burbank from 1899. In 1904, 29 Japanese farmers leased 155 1/2 acres in the area.


Fashion for 50: Crossbody Purse

In my mid-50s, I’m having the most fun that I’ve ever had with clothing. This is most unexpected as I thought by age 40, I would be wearing puffy sweatshirts with goofy illustrations. But as the marketplace has become more global, I don’t have to always leave my house and go into a retail store to buy clothes. Hallelujah! Since I have a body (short and squat) that’s “hard to fit” in the U.S., I’ve been mail ordering items from Japan and custom-fit clothing from specialty companies.

Since I don’t see anyone like me (in other words, not a model) posting clothing and accessory purchases, I thought that I’d use this blog to occasionally post fashion.

Today is a new crossbody purse that I think will serve all my needs. I’ve been going small for purses these days. I’ve discovered that I can find things much easier when I go small. I just need space for a thin wallet, pen, lip gloss, cell phone and small calendar book (yup, I still use those). I saw the Waverley, the crossbody travel bag offered by Lo and Sons, and thought it would be perfect for my needs. It arrived today. Excited! You can take the straps and adjust them four different ways. I’m probably going to stick with the crossbody option, but it’s nice to have options.

Lo and Sons Waverley

The T-shirt is from a Kishi Bashi concert. Year of the Tiger!